I just had to post about these way cool dog toys (no this is not a sponsored post!). This post is just because Wubbas are so completely cool.

My dogs are not big toy dogs.. well, the collies are not, anyway. But Chase is. And he loves sqeakers, and he is learning to play fetch (he loves chasing a frisbee).

We got Mac a Wubba from Wubba World. I actually bought it at the dog show in Blackfoot. Huge show. These toys are so cool. Our old one, the squeaker is broken. The new one is great. It’s going to go to Mac’s new home with him. Because he loves chasing the darn thing.

They have Water Wubbas, and Night Wubbas, and Snugga Wubbas, and big Wubbas and little Wubbas. And the name Wubba is so dang fun to say! LOL.

Mac, go find your Wubba! Gets a bit tail wag and a bark at our house.

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