Plus 1

I like the name of this blog… Plus 1. Some people are just so creative with names. 🙂 And she has some interesting topics… one is about roller coasters and their dangers. I used to love roller coasters, before I was in 2 rollovers on the freeway. Now they just make me feel like I’m going to die. So I don’t do them much any more. When I was a kid I didn’t think of death much, I was one of those immortal teenagers. But as I get older, I get more mortal every day.

She has another blog, too, Girly Things. Very nice layout, again, and fun name. 🙂 And she talks about bit sized reading, which I can relate too. I don’t seem to have time to read much anymore. However, I do plan on sucking down Harry Potter Seven when it comes out. 🙂

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