Goof Balls

As I sit here trying to type, Levi is rolling around upside down on the couch and rroo rooing. He is such a goof ball. What a great personality he has. He is barking because he wants something, but I don’t know what. He does that when he wants food. 🙂

Anyway, Levi, Chase and me went to practice at the agility field today. It was great. Levi’s weaves were gorgeous. No poll popping. No hesitation. Got his entries and was fast all the way through. My trainer thinks he just gets burned out trialing. He is not a big high energy dog and can use up his energy fast. So taking a break for these next three weeks will be good.

Chase is doing well also. We worked around equipment and did all of our fun exercises. I am really happy with his progress. Much more focus. Good contact on the teeter right in front of a tunnel.

I think instead of group classes, for a while we are going to rent the agility area for a while and just practice the things we need to. Group classes are great, but sometimes in them we can’t work on the little things we need to like contacts and weave entries and tight tight tight turns for AKC. So after we get back from St George doing Flyball next weekend, we are going to do some training of our own.

Well, it’s almost bed time.. so… night. 😉

EDIT: Figured out what Levi wanted… the bully stick I’d just taken away from him and put on the shelf. LOL he is chewing happily again. 😉 (yeah he has me trained)

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