Good Email

Well, I dropped Mac off on Saturday up in Logan. And he seemed happy when I left him. I left his Wubba, too. 😉 Which their other dog proceeded to pick up and carry around squeaking. 🙂

Anyway, the kids seemed to like him, and the other dog seemed to be okay with him. Mac starts to mount to play, and I worry about that.. but their other dog seemed okay with it. He just needs to put Mac in his place which hopefully will happen.

Their other dog has epilepsy. They only recently found out, a few months ago, so are experimenting with meds. I respect them for doing so well for their other dog. The only thing that might be bad is if their other dog gets more seizures because of having Mac there. If that happens, we will take him back. Hopefully it will be okay.

I got an email from them today.. it really sounds like Mac is fitting in very well. Already sleeping on the one son’s bed, and going for walks. 🙂 So that is a very good thing! Cross your fingers for Mac!

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