Up Too Late

I am up too late! We had fun at obedience class today, though. Chase is doing so well. We have to make the dumbbell more fun. I was talking to a friend and she said that with her Malinois, once she had her hold the dumbbell, it lost it’s fun. So she had to make it a fun toy. I think I have to do that with Chase, maybe even wrap some leather on it. But then I do want him to pick up metal, too, eventually.

After we went for a walk down the Jordan Parkway. Nice walk by the river. My friend has 2 Shepherds and her Mal. All gorgeous dogs. Makes me want a Mal. 🙂 Toward the end of the walk Levi was walking behind me… that’s a collie for you. Chase was all over the place. He’s like a cat, in the bushes on second, by us the next, gone for a while. Oh, and we also saw some deer, they were gorgeous. Fortunately the dogs didn’t see them, and they were behind an 8 foot tall fence anyway.

But I couldn’t resist the walk, even though it was late. Gorgeous night, 75 degrees when I got home. I love the night. I’ve always been a night owl. Stupid job makes me get up early. I think once I retire, my natural schedule of going to bed late and getting up late will reestablish itself.

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