Guest for a Week

We have a guest for a little while. A foster dog whose foster parents are going on vacation and they needed someone to watch her for a while. She is a breed I have never fostered before, and it will be interesting to see how she interacts with the other dogs. Actually we may keep her separate the whole time she is here, but we will see how things go.

Her name is Faith and she is a white Pit Bull Terrier. Oh no, another terrier! LOL. Did you know pit bulls are terriers? Well they are. And while they have a somewhat bad reputation, really they are great dogs.

I’ll get some pictures of her up tomorrow. I can’t find my camera tonight, and my headache is too nasty to look for it long. I can’t hardly make a sentence when I talk. But so far I can type. 🙂

Some cities are starting to do Breed Specific Legislation and the Pits are one breed that are being outlawed. I think BSL is awful, and it should be some people not allowed to own dogs. Any dogs.

I hope collies are never outlawed! 🙂 If so, we’d just have to move and find a place we can have our dogs. And having Branson real estate help us might be the ticket! 😉

4 thoughts on “Guest for a Week”

  1. She has a lot of energy and is a sweet heart. And she’s doing okay with my dogs (Chase doesn’t like her but he doesn’t like anyone). i’d love to see them in agility!

  2. She has a lot of energy and is a sweet heart. And she's doing okay with my dogs (Chase doesn't like her but he doesn't like anyone). i'd love to see them in agility!

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