This morning the dogs’ breakfast consisted of ground elk/buffalo, pumpkin (I should really be more creative with the veggies), a little bone meal (I think their poop has been too hard lately), vitamin C, B complex, Molasses, an egg, and I forget what else. 🙂 They were very pleased with breakfast. How can you go wrong with a breakfast like that?

Chase also got his Soloxine for his low thyroid, and his Temeril for allergies. That poor boy. Faith got her dry food with some wet mixed in. I haven’t given her any yummy raw like I usually do. Since we are only going to have her for a week I figure it’s best to keep her on her regular diet.

Faith is still a complete doll. She apparently hates the grass cutter, and bit hard on the wheels. And she hates the vacuum as well. 🙂

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