Drive Leakage

Had an agility/obedience/drive shaping lesson this morning with Chase at the agility yard. It went really well. It was interesting to see how we was after his run at the fun match a couple of weeks ago. And he did have some drive leakage. 🙂 In other words, he lost his brain a bit, didn’t think as much or pay attention. Got full of energy and too high and not in control. But it was just a bit, and we were able to get him back more quickly.

So instead of going on a Florida vacation anytime soon, I’ll be working with Chase more. 🙂 And as I start to trial him again, I may only run him once a month or so, so that we can keep that drive under control, and teach him how to run fast and think and listen too.

It’s amazing, watching this boy grow.

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