July Agility

Well this weekend we have an agility trial. Three days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Should be a lot of fun. I’m so excited because Friday is excellent only, and after four years of trialling finally Levi and I get to go to Excellent Only Day! Woo Hoo!

In practice his weaves have been really good so maybe we can get some Qs. It will be indoors, but it might be hot anyway. So we’ll see how he holds up. I haven’t trialed him for about three weeks now so hopefully he’s good and rested and ready to get back at it.

It’s pretty much our last AKC agility trial of the summer. There may be some later.. well, we are going to one day of one in September, before we head out to dog camp, but then there’s not much until maybe November or December. So we’ll try out some other venues if they are around, I think my bank account can handle it. 🙂

Next April I still want to go back to Las Vegas, as it was a great trial and I have about $60 of Vegas Vouchers I can use. I’ll have to check out Las Vegas Real Estate and see what it is like, I love going to Las Vegas.

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  1. Oh, wow, we both have a three dayer this weekend, cool! Hope you guys have great fun and congrats on the 'exec only' thing!

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