4 The Love of Animals – Meme

Animal Review Meme Tip Tail’s Animal Review Meme for this week is going to be about 4 The Love of Animals.

4 the Love of Animals

4 The Love of Animals is a website run by a person who lives not only in the same State as me, but in the same valley! I’d say city, but I think she’s in another city but very very close.

4 the Love of Animals is looking for rescue stories, so if you have any cruise on over there and let her know.

Aimee shares a love of animals with me. She is a huge supporter of animal rescue, as am I. She even set up a website to help out the animals in need of homes. It is called…

Aimee’s Animals

Aimee’s Animals is a great website that helps us find rescue groups in our areas. Are you wondering what is around you? Check out Aimee’s Animals and you are sure to find something close to you!

Help Promote Rescue

4 The Love of Animals is also willing to help promote websites, stories, and organizations that support rescue. And I do, as well. As you all know, I foster and do collie rescue, and I wish I could do more. Aimee helps out too, and she does a great job!

So cruise on over to 4 The Love of Animals and check it out!

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