Canvas of the Boys

Levi and Chase CanvasSo check this out! Is this a cute picture of Levi and Chase or what? I thought I’d take a picture of the picture, and also have Levi and Chase in it too. I got this from Canvas on Demand. It’s an 8×10. The photo was too grainy for a bigger image, but that’s okay. I love this picture. It’s from dog camp last September, by Lake Tahoe. And I love how Levi is sitting calmly, and Chase is in motion. So typical of my two boys.

Giving one of these canvases for an anniversary gift is a great idea. They take a photo, either printed or digital, and make a canvas for you. This is mine. I love having dog pictures and I’m excited to hang this on the wall with my other dog pictures. This canvas has the image wrapped around the sides of the frame, which adds a nice touch. It’s great quality, and will be with me for the rest of my life. A good way to remember my trip to camp with my boys. We had such a great time. We are even going back this year, and I hope to get some more great pictures!

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