Contest Contestants

Okay here are the contest contestants. We have five entries! 🙂 I hope to do this again in the future, so keep watch for another contest. It will probably be for another gift certificate, but to a different place.

Our entrants are:

  1. Ellen Leigh and her Shelties Bea and Byrdie!
  2. Lisa and Puppy
  3. Maine Millers
  4. Johann The Dog
  5. The Tiny Dogs!

And here is the poll. You *should* be able to vote once a day. And this will close on Sunday, Noon, July 29th (extended one day since we started a day late – Mountain Time). If you find you can’t vote more than once please comment or let me know. Yes, you can vote for yourself, and you can beg.. errr.. ask your friends to come vote for you, too.

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