Training Update

Well, yesterday (Tuesday the 24th) Chase, Levi and I went out to the agility field and practiced some more. Focus focus focus. Attention attention attention. Chase at least. Levi didn’t get to run much just because he doesn’t really need all that much work. And I think the more I do work with him, the worse he gets. So he just gets a little bit of fun.

Chase needs tons of work. We did our basics, calling to a come instead of running the sequence. Running the sequence and teaching me how to run him and where I should be. Things I really need to learn.

At the end some other people came out and set up a practice course, short 9 obstacles. I ran Chase through.. and it was tight, and he did great! He paid attention and everything. Knocked some bars but that’s okay. I’m still learning to handle him.

August 4th and he’ll be in two gamblers runs with ASCA, I hope we do well! It will be a good test of where we are in our training.

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