Jessi is a collie mix

This is Jessi and it looks like she might be coming to stay with us for a while. The Ogden Shelter called us today (us as in Collie Rescue) to see if we could help her out. Since we have room we agreed to take her. She is going to be driven down to us on Monday if all goes well. We wish we could help more dogs, we wish we could help them all. Limiting our rescue to collies just lets us set boundaries, boundaries we wish we didn’t have to set due to limited resources.

Of course I never count 100% on getting dogs until they are in our care. She could get adopted by then. The lady who called me said poor Jessi is getting depressed at the shelter. We should find out more information about her on Monday.

Please send some happy thoughts to sweet Jessi, the collie mix who is about 4 years old.

2 thoughts on “Jessi is a collie mix”

  1. Ahh – another sap like me. I have a zoo of shelter animals plus several feral cats to boot.

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