Sonny Boy

Last night I was getting frazzled.. picked up a 20gal (might be 30 not sure) from someone giving it away on Freecycle (I love freecycle) for possible Hermit Crabs. Got this new collie boy in to rescue. Had to take back the practice flyball box to the old team… and ugh, just ran around too much.

Sonny is a doll. I didn’t have time to get pictures. His left eye looks gooey so I’m taking him to the vet on Monday. Oh that reminds me I have to ask if he is up on vaccinations and heart worm tested. If not we will get all that done. I am pretty sure he is neutered, he has a lot of mats on his underbelly so I hope a couple of them were not boy parts. 🙂 I didn’t have time to get pictures of him but I’ll get those up as soon as I can.

He’s a sweet boy. Probably needs a teeth cleaning, too. Sable and white, likes the couch, and a love bug. I spent an hour last night brushing him out. His mats are only really on his belly, fortunately. His back and sides are good. I think maybe I need some detangler to help with those mats. Hrm. I cut some of them out they were so nasty.

His people were moving and couldn’t’ take him. They also had two collie mixes, and when Jessi goes I can take one of them, too. But two is our limit. We have to have a limit.

And I’m still busy at work so back to that!

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