Happy House

We have such a happy house. In the morning I wake up to five dogs licking me and laying on me. 🙂 They want breakfast! Then I let Sonny out of his crate (he is still crated so he doesn’t mark and he doesn’t bug Chase at night) and we all run out to play. Well Chase doesn’t play much yet with Sonny, but he does like to play with Jessi. Jessi’s new nickname is Jezibell. She is such a doll.

Then we have breakfast. And this morning I cleaned up the backyard. It has been gunky for months, since spring at least. I haven’t had much time to clean it up but this morning I did and it wasn’t too hot yet.

I gave Sonny a bath last night. A family came to visit him and they seemed great. I had to bathe him, he stank and was so matted. I ended up doing it myself. Cut out some of his mats on his belly, there are still more I have to get out. I followed him all around the yard yesterday brushing him out. He is gorgeous now, more so than he was before, and he must feel better. He has a lump by his ribcage that I want the vet to check out. Hopefully it’s just fatty.

Our dogs prance and play and eat breakfast, and now, as I sit on the laptop, they are all cozily asleep for the day. They will wake up for dinner and let me know when it’s time. 🙂 Sonny is really trying to sleep on his back but he doesn’t have anything to lean against so he keeps flopping over, lol.

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