Lazy Weekends

We are not doing much this weekend. Saturday I cleaned the back patio (boy it needed it) and some friends came over to visit with Jessi. We’ll have to see what they think of adopting her. She is such a doll. 🙂

Today my sister and nephew came by to mow the lawn, and my parents came over too and we had some snacks. My Crabitat is coming along, I’m buying the things I’ll need to make it a nice place. I need to take a picture of the cholla wood I got, it’s cool. We thought of getting some more family insurance to keep us safe, too.

We brushed Sonny out more. He still has a lot of loose coat that needs to come out. I think it’s interesting that long haired dogs shed, and if they are not brushed regularly, the hair stick in their coats and forms mats. Not good. His underside and legs and bum area are very sensitive. And he has a hot spot in the joint of his right rear leg. He gets to go to the vet tomorrow to get a full once-over. He’s doing really well and is super friendly.

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