17 Days to Camp!

Argh!!! Only 17 days left! Man, time sure flies. I have to pack, but I can’t pack up the car until after Jessi gets spayed and Lucy gets her tooth extracted, next Monday. Because I’ll be on my way to a training class too, so will have to have four dogs in the car with me. It will be packed.

And I have to get all my clothes together and find my camping list. And crap, looks like they do want a fecal on the boys. So I have to get them into the vet, too. Too much to do! I’m going to campw in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, can’t wait!

Lucy is doing well. The vet thought it was a bug bite and then rethought and thought it was a bad tooth. So she’s on antibiotics for a week and will have the tooth out next Monday. Poor girl, she is turning into a Bull Terrier like Spuds.

Oh but hey, the web cam should be working today!

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