Slow Day

It’s the slow time of the week. We do all of our training on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.. and sometimes Wednesday. That is four days! It’s too much, really, for a little ol’ human. Not enough for the boys, though. Wednesdays I go to the park with some friends and usually bring the boys, but today I brought Sonny so he could get out and walk around. He did great, he loves other people and dogs. He’s never shown teeth or growled at any other dog. Just like to sniff and sometimes play.

I have to have self-enforced down days, too. And people do have to respect that. This week it’s Saturday. I’m not leaving the house on Saturday. If I don’t force myself to have down days my battery will run out and I’ll over stress!

Now all the pups are happily sleeping on the floor, except Levi who is on the couch. The day is over, it’s just about time for bed.

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