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I run my own server and I have a photo gallery on it, but I’m going to be shutting it down in the next month or so. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Actually, the only trouble is when dog hair gets in there and overheats the thing, which happens more often than I would like. So I’ve been looking at other places I can load up my dog pictures and look at other dog pictures. More of a community. And I found a place where not only can I upload puppy pictures, but I can also get to know a community of dog people and maybe learn some new things. They have a collie section, too, with some gorgeous collies. 🙂

They are thinking of changing their photo section, and would like to get many ideas of what people would like to see. I registered on their forums and am going to see what I like and what I might suggest they change. They are looking for all types of opinions, so you might want to stop by and see what you think, especially if you are looking for some place to post some pictures, and browse around at other cute dog pictures too.

One of the things I like about their forums is they don’t have a zillion sections. They have a nice succinct number that is interesting, and not overwhelming. The boards I visit that have 20 or more sections overwhelm me and usually I don’t go back.

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