Learning to Handle

Well, now I have to learn how to handle. 🙂 I knew that Chase knew his contacts, his two on two off, well. And he was just loosing his head in the ring when he would blow them. He is doing so well now. We had practice this morning at the agility field, and he is doing great. He’s paying attention. I just have to learn the right balance with him.. how much to run forward, how far to stay from him laterally, when to call obstacles and turns and when to stay silent.

Totally different than my sweet slower collie boy, Levi.

Chase is becoming very fun to run. I have him entered in one run at an AKC trial on September 1. Standard. And when we go to the Vegas area the end of October, I think I’m going to enter him in 4 runs in 3 days. Some training in between, to see how he does.

He’s starting to pay too much attention to me and not have enough forward focus. So the pendulum has swung a little bit too far.. now we have to work on forward focus and swinging it back just a touch, hopefully not too much.

I’m excited to be running him more.. hopefully next summer will be a good year! Maybe we’ll even take a break for some Titleist golf. 🙂

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  1. I like the look-and-feel of your blog. It is refreshingly original. I don't have pets at home, yet it is fun to read your posts.

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