Don’t try this at home

Okay just let me start this post with … when I was living on my own, before my husband (then my boyfriend) moved in, my dogs did not beg. But they know what they can get away with, and with whom. This pack is, actually, no longer allowed since Chase and Jessi have had some issues (well Chase has had issues, and Jessi has gotten the brunt of his grumpiness) with food and space.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist snapping this picture the other night as the dogs were ‘helping’ my husband eat a sandwich. They do not do this to me. They have more manners with me. But the husband is a pushover, and lets them get away with things I don’t. Either way, the dogs do know their boundaries and they don’t steel food (well, the fosters learn that is not acceptable in our house). But this is a cute picture anyway. 🙂

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