Arranging Transport for Collies

Okay so… looks like we are planning to get three collies from Houston, Texas, on September 1st. They are going to be flown into Aspen, Colorado. So I just need to find out how to get them from there, to here.

Of course September 1st is the day I leave to dog camp! Ugh! But… the collie rescue network is awesome, and the rescue network in general. I have one good option now, a sheltie rescue in Grand Junction, Colorado can pick the dogs up from Aspen and hold them in Grand Junction if needed until I can get to them.

I’m trying to arrange transport for them all the way to Salt Lake and get into some temporary homes until I get back. I have one temporary home for sure for a week, a potential foster home, and then I can probably have the other boarded if I need to until I come back.

If I can’t get transportation from Grand Junction, then after I get home on the 8th of September from camp, I’ll be taking off on the 9th of September to Grand Junction to get them. Probably with my Mom since she has friends there. And then back the next day. I really don’t want to do that drive since I’ll be driven out from going to Tahoe and back for camp, but if I have to I will.

Anyway, I’m nervous about the whole thing, and I don’t like doing this blind and not being there to get the dogs. But no one can do rescue alone, we all need help, and so that is what I am getting, a ton of help!

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