Things To Do Before Camp

OH MY GOSH! Camp is only one week away. One week from today (Saturday) I’ll be on the road for camp.

I have to clean the house, because a friend from Colorado and a friend from Richfield are coming Friday night to stay. Fortunately the maids are coming Wednesday so hopefully the house will be semi-decent. We will have 10 dogs here that night. Our four, our two fosters, and they each have two they are bringing to camp. It’s going to be a packed house.

I have to get stuff ready for Jessi to go to her new home. Hopefully she will still be going. I never know until it’s done. Anyway I want a toy to go with her, a couple of clickers, a couple of bully sticks, and a package of jerky treats. I don’t usually send so much with a new adoption but since she’s going to a really good friend I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

I have to go shopping and buy meat mixes for the boys to eat. Since I feed raw it’ll be mostly frozen, and I’ll probably have to go shopping half way through like I did last year, too.

I have to get my clothes washed, which is in progress. I have 3 big blankets washed and one has to go to the laundry mat because it’s too big to fit into our washing machine. Fortunately they have wireless at the laundry so I can blog while I’m waiting. LOL.

I have to go buy some other things too. I wrote them all down on my list. I packed some today, x-pens, crates, chair, trolley (last year it was a pain to make 5 trips to the cabin from my car)… I will pack clothes after it’s all washed.

I am more nervous this year about camp than I was last year. It’s an awesome camp and I’m excited to be going! Check them out… Camp Winnaribbun in Tahoe, Nevada!

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