Almost Done Packing

Okay… Saturday I took a break and was a bum all day. 🙂 Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the laundry and washed a dog bed and a huge comforter that is too big for our machines, so I can take the comforter to camp with me. I have my packing list, and I’m getting it all ready. My car is 80% packed. I only have left the things I can’t do until the last minute, and don’t want to leave in my hot car. Like my camcorder and camera, and the dog’s food. Since I feed raw I bought some patties that are frozen and I want them to stay that way as long as possible.

The car shouldn’t need any body shop supplies as it’s in good shape, I got it cleaned and an oil change.

I have x-pens, crates, my trolley, and clothes all packed! I haven’t had much time for blogging this weekend, as you can see.

Anyway, I’m excited. The house is almost ready, also, for the maid service to come on Wednesday. Oh crap! I just remembered my husband and I were going to go to my Dad’s today to set up his wireless… well, I was going to get into my PJs but not yet!

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