Tired at Dog Camp

Well, us humans are beat. The dogs are still doing well. Cor and Chase are maniacs and doing well, and want to keep swimming like nutters. Levi lays on the sand and watches. Kiwi kinda wanders about and also lays in the sand. Zoe and Twist are not on the beach much, but they are having fun barking at the other dogs that swim. All in all it’s a great time.

We went on a hike today, too. No herding today. Which is good. Levi and Cor are both done herding. Cor is drained mentally. The first picture on the left is a very cute one of Chase after he was swimming, bit of tongue sticking out there. And the second one is of Levi laying in the sand being all pleased with himself.

The third one down is of Kiwi and Cor. Kiwi is the red merle aussie, and Cor is the tri aussie. Kiwi is mellow, and Cor his very hard drive. She is the one who needs to be in a performance home. She’s too high drive to be a lay-about house dog. She gets to herd, do flyball, agility, obedience, and disc dog.

The last picture is of Zoe and Twist. They are the cutest shelties. Twist is doing so awesome at herding! He is herding thousands of sheep at a time (if you ask him, anyway) he’s really moving them around. Zoe is also having fun, and we all went on a hike today.

Tomorrow is the last day. We are sad that we will have to pack up. We are going to do some obedience and a hike in the afternoon, and then it’s packing, drinking a bit of wine, and leaving early Saturday morning for the 9 hour drive home. I think the boys are going to sleep all the way home.

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