Too Tired to Chew

Okay.. you know it’s bad when your goofy collie boy falls asleep with a bully stick in his mouth. LOL oh my gosh, he kills me. I’ve never seen Levi fall asleep before with a bully stick in the mouth. We had to get some pics of him.

He is so very tired. And in a good way, of course. He has a very happy face on, and that bully stick was stuck in his teeth pretty well. Levi even went Lure Coursing today, but he wanted me to run with him so he didn’t go very far. And just now I had to come to the main building to get internet, and he didn’t even get off the bed. He is beat. One more day and they can sleep all the way home.

Chase’s feet hurt him again, too. Not as bad as last year. I have been using Bag Balm and Traumeel all week. At least twice a day, sometimes three times. And I increased his allergy meds too. His feet are very red in between his pads but I think the meds are helping.

It is not quite nine PM PST, and I’m dead tired. Off to bed!

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