Well, with 9 dogs in our house, five of them collie fosters, we really do need to have organization and peace. 🙂 And so we borrowed some crates and here are the five Houston collies crated after eating dinner. I am not sure who is going to be crated while we are at work, but we’ll see about that tomorrow.

Tony is a sweetie, he’s finally settled down. He likes to talk and I think he’s a bit nervous. Tatum is a doll and I wish I could keep her. Young little rabbit she is, lots of energy and spunk, though tentative with people. Bianca is a doll and loves to play with Tatum. She is also a bit tentative but coming along. Hudson is the shyest and he likes his crate or his laundry basket to sleep in. We hope he will settle in and play soon.

So we are having a fun day. We have four dogs, and five fosters right now. I’m thinking I’m not going to post the fosters up on petfinder right away. Might wait a week or so until after vet checks and they settle in a bit.

We won’t be needing a Raleigh personal injury lawyer while we have this crew, as they will be keeping us all safe and warm!

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