Not a Quiet House

Well, dog camp was more mellow than our house is now. 🙂 Not that that is a bad thing, either way. Bianca and Tatum are playing as I work from home. Tony is barking at them. Tony is such a big lover boy. He is not as confident as I originally thought he was. He was in boarding for four months, and he seems starved for attention. He’s a sweet heart and snuggles right up against me at night when we sleep. He does bark a lot, but we are working on cutting that down. He loves to bring toys and be goofy, and he likes to play with Sonny and sometimes the girls Bianca and Tatum.

Tatum is definitely young. I wonder if she is about a year or so, maybe even less. She gets into everything. She would be best in a performance home for sure. Though she needs confidence outside the house. She’s a goer and chews on the mattress, the couch, and likes to bite at hands and clothes. Even when I have a toy, she’d rather bite at my hand. She is gentle in her play, though, but I am redirecting her mouth onto the toys. When I do the ‘ouch!’ with her, she thinks it’s funny and dances around then nips at me again. LOL.

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