Chew Bones

When we have chew bones in our house, and it’s just our dogs, we have to clean them up regularly because the dogs will guard and fight over them. Not terribly, but Lucy will eat them all if she can, and Levi will guard, and Chase will just be mean about them.

These foster collies we have are amazing. We can leave bully sticks all over the place. They chew them, play tug with them, and then just leave them when they are done. I’m amazed. And they are better for Tatum to chew on than the couch, or other furniture.

I still want to redo my spare bedroom. It is no longer a computer room, it’s a spare bedroom, and all the dogs are fascinated by that room. It is always closed unless I am in there so they don’t get into things. In a couple weeks my mom and I are going to go bedroom furniture shopping to see what I can get for that room.

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