Can’t give her up, Can’t keep her…

Yup… Tatum the Tater Tot. I just love her. I keep thinking of how wonderful she would be in training… and how to harness all that spunk and channel it into fun tricks and training. I have so much more knowledge now… clicker training. And I’m so much more patient now… with being on meds that have helped me such a great deal.

I’m going to be going on about the Tatum debate for a long time. She is up on petfinder. She is such a perfect dog. I’ll have to see how she comes out of her shyness in public in the next few weeks. Ooo… five dogs. No! And I wanted to get down to two dogs! 😉

She gets her mouth on everything. My mouse, the sheets, toys… now she is nibbling on a cushion on the floor in the basement. I could teach her a really good, strong leave it… A positive Leave it. I’d need some treats she would just love.

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