My Nice New Blinds!

So check out my new blinds! I love them. I’m going to redo my spare bedroom.. it was the computer room / office, but I finally cleaned it out and now it’s a real bedroom. I want to paint the walls (not sure what color yet) and buy a Wardrobe so we have more clothing storage space, and make it into a nice bedroom. Now it’s just a so so bedroom.

So I got these Blinds from the Blinds Chalet, and they are amazing. They are real wood, and I love the color. Their quality is excellent and all the hardware is easy to use and set up. I really like them.

The dogs like this room because they never go in there unless I’m with them. And they were a bit interested in the blinds, but not so much. They like the treat storage better. I have doggie sheets on the bed, and a lamp next to it, to make it all homey. Heck, with the nice new blinds, I want to make it my own room…

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