Down to 7

It’s odd, how 7 dogs can seem like so few, after having 8. Or even 9. Hudson went today, to his new home. I was very sad to see him go. We only had him for three weeks. That is a good thing, though, really. Placing him quick is wonderful. Of course I never think it’s 100% done for a couple of months or so. In case it doesn’t work out, we will take him back in a heart beat.

There are a couple of collies at the Heber Shelter now, that I have to work on. We are packed at 7. My Husband has forbidden me to take anymore for a while. And he is right, we need a break. So I’ll be looking for foster homes, or for another rescue to take them if that’s possible. I wish we had more foster homes… foster homes are more valuable than gold (or money, as the case may be). Even if they do have some Bush furniture in the home.

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