Course A’Lure

Today I went jogging with the boys. Oh I so like jogging in the cooler weather, and so does Levi. Chase just likes jogging. I’m finding relaxation in jogging so I am going again, which I am very happy about!

Then this afternoon Chase, Tatum and I went to try out some Course A’Lure. Actually only Chase did the Course A’Lure and he had a super good time! He loves chasing that darn lure. He wasn’t as fast as another dog we know, but he was very fast! He got to do it twice.

They were having a dog day at the Humane Society today. They had Course A’Lure, and they had a flyball demo that my old flyball team did. I watched a bit, was fun. Chase was upset that he wasn’t able to participate. 🙂

It was a fun day. I’m going to write a separate post about Tatum’s training progress.

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