Watching TV with the Pack

Sitting here watching Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer that I got on Netflix. Good show! And it’s just funny to watch all the dogs. Levi is guarding a toy he took from Tony. Tony wants attention. Chase is on the couch showing his teeth every time Tony comes by (I know I know I said Chase is not allowed on the couch anymore.. ugh). Tatum and Bianca were upstairs playing for an hour, but now they are down here with us. Tatum took about five minutes to fix up her blankets and now she is napping.

Lucy brings me toys because she wants something to chew on, and Angel is just sleeping.

What a crew we have. They are all so unique and individual, and I love them all.

6 thoughts on “Watching TV with the Pack”

  1. Great blog by the dog pack.. and dogs love watching tv as the house owners willnot be quarelling during that time..

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