Making Videos

Gah making videos takes forever. Especially when one (mainly me) doesn’t understand the software she is using yet. But I am learning. For one, the fourth minidisc was corrupt, so I spent a few hours, and then $30, to find some software to recover it. With my husband’s advice I was able to recover the whole disc. Yay! You know, we can’t miss any of the races!

Actually, I didn’t get all of them. I tried to keep recording, once, when a disc was full so missed some there. Bummer. But I got most of them. And when we first started to film me and the friend who were filming only got about 2 or 3 races per minidisc. Sunday, though, we figured it out and packed many more races onto one mini disc. The heats are only 20 secs each, or so, and 4 or 5 to a race.

So now I’m cutting up all the big files into races, then I’ll put them on a menu. And without having any cabinet hardware they won’t be too pretty, but they’ll be good enough!

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