Chase is Bored

Well, you know, border collies get bored easily. Chase keeps nosing me and staring at me wanting to go do something. You know, staying in a hotel means we get to do fun things!

I wonder how close Lake Mead is. I might ask at the front desk and see if we can find a beach to play on. Would be fun. But I don’t want to drive very far. And we might have to wait until the evening. When it’s cool and when I’m not working. I think lunch break wouldn’t be enough time. For Chase, it’s never enough time.

Maybe if we pay for performance then we’d get more performance! Having performance dogs is a hoot. I love it. I love the energy and the enthusiasm. Though if they had any more energy I don’t think I could keep up!

8 thoughts on “Chase is Bored”

  1. uh oh. A bored Border collie means trouble! When mine gets bored she hassels/herds the cats. They thank me to keep her busy.

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