Wags 4 Wishes!

OOoo I so want to go! I wish Levi was better at herding but maybe I’ll see if he’s up to getting on some sheep. 🙂

Wags 4 Wishes in Arizona (near Phoenix) in January. 18, 19 and 20th. Long drive, 700 miles, but not much different than camp. And my husband might want to come! I would prefer if he comes. We could make a vacation out of it.

My flyball team wants to go for the flyball. And I’d do agility too, of course. Maybe herding..? We’ll have to see. The camp sites are not too expensive.

Looks like a lot of fun. Man I’m burning through my vacation time at work, though. Ugh. I so need to retire. I wonder if they sell Celine Dion tickets down there… and Arizona in January, a good time to go!

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