Second Trial Day

I am beat dead tired. Ugh. Levi Qd in Open FAST, which is, I think, his title. Will have to check. Chase also Qd in Novice FAST, which is also his title, I think. Chase also qualified in open JWW, that’s his first open jumpers leg. Beautiful run, I got about 5 comments on how nice he is when I left the ring.

We didn’t need power supply repair while at the trial, good thing, we didn’t really have any power. The trial ran slow, though, maybe the people doing the recording needed some.

I’m going to check out of Pahrump tomorrow and head to Cedar City. We should be done (heavy emphasis on should) by about 11 am. No fast tomorrow and Chase is only in Open Standard. So we can head out right after. We are running excellent, excellent, open, open, novice novice (fast at the end of all those). I think we can easily make it to Cedar City.

Chase needs some weave work, apparently. He didn’t get the entry both runs, and in standard he didn’t want to finish. There wasn’t even a tunnel after the weaves. I’ll have to ask my trainer about it. But he did good in Standard anyway.

Well I’m going to go pack up, probably won’t be on the internet again until I get home Monday afternoon. Zzzzzz….

4 thoughts on “Second Trial Day”

  1. Yeah, FAST titles, cool! Way to go! We haven't even started in FAST yet. We had a trial this weekend too, total fun. Woofs, Johann

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