Tatum’s ILP Came!

Well that was fast. I don’t remember what day I sent in Tatum’s ILP pictures and application, but it was only a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think she’d have a problem with her ILP but you just never know.

So she is now official with the AKC. I’ll get her flyball numbers in a bit, and ASCA too. Maybe find some Skagen watches so we can keep time when we do all our fun activities!

I had her out back today, I can sit and not hurt my ankle and work with her. And she is getting so much more interested in treats. I am very glad. It was even cheese. I do have to get her to look at me, eye contact, she is not quite doing that yet. I got the book Control Unleashed too, and reading it. It is a lot of what my trainer already says, but it’s nice to have it in written form.

So now for the training! The fun part!

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