Tatum and the Clicker

Tatum and I worked together a little bit this morning. Her sit is coming along very nicely! She offers it to everyone when we go out, if they have treats. And that is great and I encourage it a lot. She is also learning the down, but I have to lure her still.

I have been luring her a lot and I want to fade that out. So Tatum, me and the hotdogs sat on the floor this morning. I put down a white lid from a cottage cheese container. Of course she was interested in it at first so sniffed it, got a click and a treat. But then, unless I moved it around, she ignored it. That is okay, though, she doesn’t know it has any significance.

By the end of our training she actually sniffed it on her own three times in a row, got a jackpot, and we were done. So I think I need to really stop luring her and let her figure things out on her own. She is not too sure what to do yet, but I know she will figure it out.

She still isn’t giving me much eye contact. Only a little tiny bit for a fraction of a second. Which is, really, better than she has been in the past. I click and treat any time her eyes even get close to mine, so I do believe that eventually she will be giving me good positive eye contact.

She is a fun girl. I am going to work on a lot of targeting with her, make that the foundation of our training work. I have Right on Target by Mandy Book and Cheryl S. Smith, and my trainer also stresses target training a great deal, so I’m going to do it!

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