Dog Tags


Well, these are not really tags you put on your dog’s collar, per se, but they are dog tags like people wear in the military. I got one and I thought I’d put Chase’s name on it… cool huh? For flyball, why not!

These dog tags are really nice, too. Good quality, durable, the etching is clear and easy to read, and it comes with a chain as well. Anyone interested in getting dog tags for either themselves, or even for their dogs, this is a good place. I do not support the war, but I do support our troops, and maybe this will be a little way to show our support.

And you can get anything at all on them, which is nice!

8 thoughts on “Dog Tags”

  1. Shoot, I wish I had gone for those. They look really nice.

    You have been given an award at one of my other blogs. You can check it out here:
    The Ones Who Get Screwed

  2. These dog tags are pretty cool. I am already thinking of cool gifts for dogs that are a bit stockier on my list.

    I have a coupleof buds in the military, one has a pit bull, one has a roc..can’t think of a better gift!

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