Down to Six

It is quite amazing, I will admit, the difference one dog body makes. Not only body, of course… but spirit and energy and life. Bianca just went off to her new home in Idaho. I really love Bianca. She is so sweet and mellow and wonderful. She will get more attention there, though, than she could get here.

But already the house is more calm, and hopefully the husband more happy. Because you know, having a happy husband is very important, indeed! Actually, it’s one of the two most important things in the world. The other is my own happiness. 🙂

Now if I had a real estate franchise, I could have a home in Idaho… or Spokane, which would be even better, and go visit her quite often! We’ll see, I’d like to move to Spokane but I want to check it out first.

Anyway… going to flyball practice today with Chase and Thunder Paws. I’ll bring Tatum, too. Maybe see if she wants to do some jumps. I hope to work with some of the new folk on jumps, and I really want to try to clicker train them. I do want to see some collies in flyball!

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