Chase the Dork

I took Chase out today for some obedience training with some other friends. Did I mention that I had him out Thursday night to class and he was a mess? A complete mess. No attention, no focus, no brain, all over the place. Even having treats out.

Today was about the same. He growled and lunged in his crate at the other dogs working. He did have a little bit of attention, more than Thursday, but I was still not pleased.

My trainers, and I as well, think he’s been down too long. It’s hard with a sprained ankle. So we are going to go out and work him on some things that won’t make me run.

This is what I get for getting a border collie, eh? 😉 Lots of energy, lots of smarts, nothing to do with them so he just wants to run around and be a goofball, play tug, and the environment totally distracts him. It’s okay, I knew what I was getting into and it’s kinda fun having a dog like him.

I didn’t bring Tatum, but she may start attending the puppy classes with the young 3 month old puppies. She’s not that young physically, but she pretty much is emotionally and socially. She would be great in that class, too.

The little dobie puppy and viszla puppy were so cute!

For my lessons I didn’t even write a check from my checking account, I just paid cash.. but now I’m going to need to withdraw a bit more to hold me over until next payday.

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