Dogs and Thanksgiving

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I love the holidays. It’s too bad they go by so fast anymore. I hope to start decorating for Christmas this coming weekend. Hopefully I’ll have time. Sunday is going to be a big dog training day. Tatum will get very tired again. She gets to go to puppy class! And we are also going to flyball practice (if the weather is good) with the Thunder Paws flyball team. And then to obedience class in the afternoon.

I have always found it sad, though, that the biggest holidays of the year are days where my dogs have to stay home by themselves. My husband and i go to my parent’s house for the holidays. This year my Mom is in Germany so my sister and I are bringing food to my Dad’s house. Will be fun.

I do wish I could bring the dogs, but my parents don’t like dogs too much. Not five of them, one border collie and four smooth collies, anyway, running amok in their house. Now why ever not? LOL okay I admit I understand that.

What do you do for the holidays? Do your dogs get to participate?

I love going to concerts during the holidays, too, when I have time. Even High School ones, and High School Musical tickets are a necessity for that.

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