Find Sniff

Last night I pulled out the metal spoons and I worked on metal articles with Chase and even Tatum. We start with spoons that have peanut butter on the underside. And Chase is very good at this. He sniffs each spoon and then when he finds the one with the peanut butter, I click and he gets to lick the peanut butter as we move out of the circle of spoons.

My trainer says I can do this 30 times a night because how hard is it, to have them sniff for PB? We didn’t do it 30 but we did it at least 10.

Tatum is still being cautious about working with me on her own. I tried to play with her last night too, to get her energy up a bit and that worked a little bit in the beginning. She is odd because she is not very enthusiastic about the treats. I need to make up some more liver today she likes that better. She is tentative still, and she kinda wanders around and tries to avoid me a bit. I’m sure she is still stressed and showing avoidance behaviors when I am alone with her. With the other dogs around she is fine with me and nips at me and entices me to play quite a bit.

When I play with her I grab at her feet and at her body, I play bow, and I move around silly with her. I try toys too and she usually will bite at my hands instead of the toy, but that’s okay I will redirect to the toys slowly so they are more fun. And she is playing tug with Chase and Angel so toys are becoming good things for her. At the hoarder where she lived for a year I’m sure there were no toys to play with, just other dogs.

My instructor also told me to try mat work with her, and she was really picking up on that. When she walked on the mat she got a click and a treat thrown onto the mat. She was starting to offer that very quickly. With sits and downs she still doesn’t offer very much, and I have to lure her. She starts her avoidance of wandering around the room and she is having a hard time offering behaviors that I can click and shape. I wonder what I can to to get her to feel more comfortable. Maybe I just need to work with her more.

After training is done I put the clicker, spoons, and treats away, some tool storage place would be nice for dog training devices as well. 🙂

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