Registration Numbers for Tatum

Getting registration numbers entertains me to no end. 🙂 I don’t know why. Maybe because it represents all the potential fun I will have with the dog I am registering. When I decided to keep Chase I went and got all his registration numbers at once so I didn’t forget any.

I am now doing Tatum’s numbers. The flyball ones are easy, they even let you pay online. UKC I have to send in pictures to prove she is a pure bred collie. DOCNA I have to send a check as I couldn’t see where I could pay online. Her AKC is already done. ASCA I also need to send a check.

I haven’t decided to get her a NADAC one or not, since we don’t have any NADAC around here anymore. And it will be a while before she does any USDAA. We don’t do it much either. There is a trial this weekend we are not doing, mainly because my ankle still hurts (from being sprained).

But, almost all the numbers are done or on their way! Though there are no Ogio numbers that I know of… but then again that is golf. 🙂

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