Impressive Tatum

Well Tatum went to puppy class last night. She is so good with the puppies. She might be coming along to the point where she may know too much for puppy class but for now she is still a puppy mentally, if not physically.

Anyway, I worked on the things my obedience instructor told me on Tuesday evening. And already Tatum is having a nice up-sit. She gathers her back feet in and sits forward. A plus for obedience because a rock-back or a step-back sit can loose points. So why not do it at the beginning. She also is doing good on her push-back stand. I still lure her into both of them so it becomes a habit for her. Gotta instill these good habits right off the bat.

I am also feeding her close to my body so she will have nice tight fronts. And she loves her mat, and she is starting do to pretty good on the recall too.

It’s so nice to see her knowing how to learn, now. I think it’s only been in the last few weeks that it clicked with her, I think it started when I started working the mat with her, that it’s fun and she is paying attention and learning, and she really recognizes words already. She still doesn’t give me much eye contact but I’m going to work on that, too. Hold a treat out to my sides in each hand, and when she looks at me, click and treat. I think once she understands that she’ll pick it up fast. She has just learned to avoid eye contact so doesn’t do it much. She has such pretty dark brown eyes!

She likes to get out and practice, it’s good for her energy level. She has so much energy. Yesterday, though, we didn’t need any treadmills for her, because she was pretty tired all day. Because of our private lesson the night before. It did wear her out!

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