Christmas Day Collies


It’s Christmas Collie Day! Or, err… Christmas Day for the Collies. 🙂 One or the other, or maybe both, even.


And my sister (human sister lol) and her son got the dogs some fun toys. One is a Christmas tree. The other is a rabbit that lost his head. And everyone knows that pulling the stuffing out of stuffed animals is the bees knees and really needs to be done. What is all that stuffing doing in there anyway?


And then they took the toys outside, and did some playing out there in the snow. I stood out with them and encouraged the play, which was fun. But it was only 15 degrees out there and I got cold pretty fast.


The cold doesn’t bother the dogs, though. Nope. In fact, they really like the cold. It gives them extra energy particles somehow and they have to zoom around the back yard in order to burn them off. Silly zoomies.


I like the picture of Angel, Chase and Tatum all tugging on the tree. Tatum is not a big tugger… yet. As soon as she realizes how fun it is, and that it’s okay to do, though, she’ll catch on. She likes tugging better with the other dogs than me.


Levi wanted to guard the pink bunny more than play. He loves to guard. He will gather up all the toys, or bones, in a pile and growl over them. I have to take them away, or pass them out to everyone so everyone has something. He is a silly collie boy. They are all silly collies, actually.

Right now they are chewing on rawhide bones, and having a good time doing so. I ordered bully sticks for them too, so they will have those as well. They do love to chew.

It is a fun day. Hopefully we won’t need a colon cleanse after all the goodies we are eating, though!

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Christmas Day Collies”

  1. Look at all those BEAUTIFUL puppers! They look like they are having so much fun! You are so lucky to have had a white Christmas. Merry Christmas (belated) to you and the tiptail crew!

    Lora’s last blog post..Blog

  2. Hi Lora, Merry Christmas to you too! We are getting a lot of snow this year, which is great, we need the water.

  3. Hi Lora, Merry Christmas to you too! We are getting a lot of snow this year, which is great, we need the water.

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