Raising Funds for Dogs?

Well as you guys know I do a lot of dog rescue, and I’m pretty much in charge of Utah Collie Rescue, too. We have Tony, who is a rescue boy and he needs a home! He is so sweet and wonderful… alas, I digress.

Fund raising for collie rescue, or for any other organization, can be very difficult to do. Getting the word out about the cause is hard. Reaching everyone who is interested in the cause, be it dogs, cats, children, or anything else, can be the most difficult part, and, sometimes, the most expensive. I know from experience that it’s hard to contact everyone, and I am not crazy about doing it either!

Finding a community to help out with this is invaluable! Shoutback is a website that will give you the opportunity to fund raise, and even run auctions. Here in Utah raffles are illegal… but maybe I can do an auction. I’m going to look into it because I’m always looking for ways to raise money for collie rescue here in Utah.

I was really thinking of doing a raffle. I wanted to do a raffle and I have some items I can raffle off, that have been donated. But maybe the auction will be better. And having the information all in one place, and being able to contact people about it, is going to be great!

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